1. Venue:
Kieleckie Centrum Bilardowe – https://www.facebook.com/bilardkielce/
Kielce – Poland
Plac Moniuszki 2b str.

2. Tables/ Cloth/ Balls:
Dynamic 9 ft (2x), Diamond 9ft (2x), WiK Olimpic 9ft (4x) + Iwan Simonis 860 + Duramith;

3. Schedule: 27.01.2019
9.30-10.15 – player meeting and registration
10.30 – opening ceremony and start of matches,

4. Sport System:
– 9-ball, WPA rules, 1 ball on the spot, 3 point rule. Magic rack is allowed.
– 1st Stage – double elimination (2KO) race to 7;
– 2nd Stage – last 4,8, or 16 single elimination, (depending on number of participants), race to 7-9,

5. Registration:
On email tvsports@tvsports.pl only! Registration will close on 26.01.2019, 12:00!
The tournament is open for all athletes

6. Dress code:
Polo shirt or shirt, one color trousers (no jeans and sport trousers allowed), shoes (no sneakers and
sport shoes allowed).

7. Prize :
1st place (winner) – plane ticket and entry fee for the US Open 2019!

8. Entry-fee:
100 USD

9. Hotel: booking.com

10. Tournament director: Grzegorz Kędzierski

11. Head referee: Jan Niewęgłowski

12. Live Streaming and Live Scoring
The livestream and livescore will be published at www.tvsports.pl

13. Organizer and Sponsors:
Matchroom Multisport, TVsports.pl. Mak Marketing, Polski Związek Bilardowy, Świętokrzyskie Stowarzyszenie
Sportowe, Kieleckie Centrum Bilardowe.