2018 WORLD 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS Juniors – 31.10. – 3.11. Moskva, Ruská federácia

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2018 World 9-Ball Championships Juniors
Aug. 12 VENUE 127550, Russia, Moscow, Dmitrov highway, 27 building 1

SCHEDULE 30/10/2018 Arrival day and accreditation up to 18:00
Team leader meeting
Opening Ceremony
31/10/2018 Tournament start
03/11/2018 Finals & Closing Ceremony
04/11/2018 Departure

TV Coverage: All tables are on the you tube channel. Finals of the Russian national
sports channel.
Address Dmitrov highway, 27 building 1
City Moscow
Country Russia
The accommodation for the participants and one official from each continental member is free
from arrival day till departure day.
The room rates for companions:
Room rates Single room 3900 руб. per room
Double room 4200 пуб. per room
Family Room 6200 пуб. per room
All room rates are inclusive of breakfast Each room has air conditioning
Reservation Up to 10.10.2018 to When booking through the
hotel website, a special discount on the promotional code CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018
All participants are responsible for their own air ticket, accommodation and daily meals. All
players must stay in the designated hotel.
Airport Sheremetyevo International Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE)
Shuttle service
If you want to use a shuttle service from the Airport to the hotel and back, it is possible.
Booking of the shuttle must be done up to 10.10.2018 to
Costs for athletes are 10 US $ and for companions 25 US $. (Prices are for back & forth)
2018 World 9-Ball Championships Juniors
Aug. 13
Visa Request “Letter of Invitation” from Organizer to present to the Russian Embassy
in your respective country. For this purpose, copy of passport and filled entry
form are requested. Costs for invitation letters / telex for athletes are free. For
companions who need an invitation letter and / or telex the costs are 50 US $
per person. Official invoices can and will be provided on request.
Tournament Director Gre Leenders WPA Secretary
Head Referee Roman Mirahkmedov (CZE)
Tournament leader Miha Vovko (SLO)
Anti-doping control There might be anti-doping testing during event. (This has to be
included in the information, so we can always make the doping test)
RACKING Magic rack will be used!
FORMAT WPA 9-ball rule with three balls above the head string rule.
1- Ball on the foot spot. Alternate break,
Cloth Simonis 860
Balls Aramith – Duramith
The organizer cannot accept the responsibility for any accidents or injury that might occur,
participants are advises to arrange for their own personal insurance.
Age Limit
U17 must have no more than their 16th birthday in the WC year (born up to / including to 2002.)
U19 must have their 17th or 18th birthday in the WC year (born in 2000. or 2001.)
Girls must have no more than their 18th birthday in the WC year (born up to / including 2000.)
Format and fields
U17 Double elimination 24 / Single elimination 8
U19 Double elimination 24 / Single elimination 8
Girls Double elimination 16 / Single elimination 4
U17 Double elimination 7 / Single elimination 9
U19 Double elimination 9 / Single elimination 11
Girls Double elimination 7 / Single elimination 9
2018 World 9-Ball Championships Juniors
Aug. 1
Seeded players are only defending champions from previous year.
All the players follow the principle of avoidance of the same country will be drawn randomly
if possible. Therefore it could be that 2 athletes from the same continent can play each other
in the first round.
Single elimination
Players from winner’s bracket will be seeded in 1、4、5、8 draw position; Players from
loser’s bracket will be drawn randomly.
Tournament Regulations
Drinking alcohol and any form of gambling is strictly forbidden during the tournament
Dress code The WPA dress code will apply.
Shirt with collar and sleeves, no T-shirts, dark trousers and leather black shoes; women
players may dressed in formal on the top.
Time Out
One 5 minutes Time-out for each athlete is allowed during a match. Time-out can be only taken
during re-racking. The athlete not using the Time-out must sit in at his/her chair. If both athletes
leave at the same time, they both have used their right for a Time-out. Before using the Timeout
athlete must inform the referee.
The athlete taking the time out should remember that his actions must be within the spirit of
the game and if he acts otherwise, he is subject to a penalty under the Unsportsmanlike
Time out penalties are used for: smoking, and late return from time-out, use of a time-out more
than once in the same match, taking a time-out at another moment than the racking or
practicing during a time-out.
In case of penalty, play will be suspended, one rack will be awarded to the opponent and the
active athlete will start/continue his/her inning. Second violation of this rule is a loss of match
If an athlete is suffering from a medical condition, the tournament director may choose to adjust
the number of time outs.
2018 World 9-Ball Championships Juniors
Aug. 1
Racking and Break
Magic sheet will be used to rack the balls with 9- ball on the spot and three point breaking
•If there is no ball pocketed then it is required for three balls to break the head string;
•If there is one ball pocketed then it is required for two balls to break the head string;
•If there are two balls pocketed then it is required for one ball to break the head string;
•If there are three balls pocketed then it is not required to break the head string;
•when a player violate the regulation, the opponent player can choose to play or let the
player who violate the regulation to play;
• If he choose play, it is not allowed to push out;
• If the player who violate the regulation play, he can push out ;
• If 9-ball in when the player violate the regulation, 9-ball will be put on the spot, then
the opponent player choose if he play.
Arrival to the match
Players are requested to be stand-by in the venue 30 minutes before the match scheduled
time. No appearance at the table after the match starts, the game shall be forfeited.
Acceptance of the decisions/situations at the table
If any question arises player should point before next shot, otherwise it will not be attended
Mobile phones
Active athletes are not allowed to use their mobile phone during the match. Mobile phones
must be turned off or in silent mode and may not be put on the table or in any other visible
spot. In situations where an athlete has already been asked once to put away his/her mobile
phone, a second violation will be considered as unsportsmanlike conduct.
It is permitted for an athlete to receive advice from a coach during a time out. It is up to the
referee and tournament management to set additional limits on this. The coach should not
approach the table. If the referee decides that the coach is interfering with or disrupting the
match, he may direct the coach to stay away from the match.

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